Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament and Lifespan

Vizsla is considered to be one of the most intelligent and gifted dog breeds. It is not only endowed with many talents, but also a spectacular appearance in a combination with elegance and grace of movement.

The ancestors of modern Hungarian cops have been known since the tenth century - most likely, they appeared on the territory of the Carpathians with Magyar nomadic tribes. Vizsla dogs for many years were the favorites of the Hungarian nobility and were used primarily for falconry. These dogs have a bright reddish - golden color, which gave them the name "golden hunting dog." This color was a definite plus: it allows the hunter to see the dog at a greater distance when hunting in the field.

In this setter speaking for itself the name: translated from the Hungarian "vizsla" means "search", "find": and indeed the four-legged hunter is a true master of this craft: thanks to its subtle scent it clearly and quickly works on the trail.

In addition to the advantages of the hunting dogs it is characterized by endurance, great rack, the ability to adapt to difficult weather conditions, and virtually any terrain: it works equally well on rough terrain, and in thickets of marsh plants. These cops swim well and love water much, so hunting for waterfowl is a pleasure for them. The dogs' life expectancy is about 11-14 years.

How Much Does a Wirehaired Vizsla Cost and Price Range

Depending on the breeder and mainly on the dog quality you can find the following price range: from $200 to $700. Usually the average price is about $450. The show quality dogs may cost more.

Wirehaired Vizsla Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Height of the dogs is about 53-64cm. Their weight is about 22-30 kg. The color - shades of tan - gold. Wool is long, hard, loose-fitting, in short-haired type - short, smooth, dense and tight.

Wirehaired Vizsla Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Vizsla is a very capable dog that catches all on the fly, but it will be trained only on the condition that it would never hear from you rude words or shout. A well-deserved praise will exalt your pet to the heavens, and it will be ready for new challenges and records.

Friendly and affectionate dog easily converge with people, but it is in the family, as a rule, chooses the one host, who becomes the most important for it, respected and loved person in the world. It would follow him everywhere.

It perfectly copes with the role of caretaker and will vigilantly guard bear, barking at suspicious of strangers. It is a true friend and playful companion for children, but do not leave it unattended with the kids: sparkle dog (of course, not out of bad intentions) might inadvertently kick or bite the child.

In everyday life it needs active "fitness", especially if it is rarely used for its intended purpose - hunting.