Tips on Cleaning Vintage Door Hardware

If you have found out that brass vintage door hardware is very effective in creating an antique look in your house, you should be aware of the fact that this type of hardware has to be systematically cleaned. Purchasing it in the market for the first time, this door hardware is usually discolored. Thus, it should be properly cleaned till the necessary results are received. So, what does the process of cleaning vintage door hardware look like? Here are basic tips.

First of all, locate a masking tape on the door hinges when the door is closed. It should be done side on the outside of the tape. Now, open the door and try to do your best to tape these hinges around on the second side. It's necessary for the proper protection of the door and its frame from brass polish. Remove the hinges completely and rehang the door after completing this task and cleaning the hardware.

Other pieces of the vintage door hardware should be removed, including the knobs. The greater number of knobs has two screws. Remove them as well. Before starting this project don't forget to put on rubber gloves in order to protect your hands from chemicals and cleaning substances. Analyze the level of tarnish gathering on the hardware before the procedure. If you last cleaned it several years ago, it has to be soaked with concentrated ammonia for about an hour. If the amount of tarnish is smaller, you won't need to do it.

So, if there's not much tarnishing, apply the polish with a piece of some soft material. You can find some unnecessary cloth at home for this. Further, the vintage door hardware should be rubbed hard with the polish. Remember to do it as hard as possible as it will remove more grime, tarnish and grit from your antique door. Don't worry about the surface of your door; hard rubbing will only help to restore its original look without damaging the surface. Some people need to rub their doors for a few hours to get the new look. You may need to use a few pieces of clothes as well.

If you have reached the result you have been working for while cleaning your vintage door hardware, spray a lacquer finish to the hardware properly. However, it's not a necessity and it's up to you to decide whether your door needs it or not. Remember that this polish will come out in time and when it happens, you will have to clean your hardware again. But if you polish your vintage door, you'll need to clean it less frequently.

After you have cleaned your vintage door hardware, get back to other doorknobs and brass hardware followed by the tape removal from the edges of hinges. Finally, it's important to add that the vintage door hardware is perfect for screen, cabinet, and pocket doors in any room of a house. Most of contemporary homeowners, however, prefer to use these pieces on the front doors as they are impressing in beauty.