Reprogram Your Garage Door Opener in Five Steps Easily!

It may happen so that you need to immediately change all the locks in your house. The reasons for doing it may be quite different starting from a person you have noticed to pursue you and finishing with terrible divorce story. In any case, if you want to make your house completely safe and secure this article will help you to do it as soon as possible.

One of the ways through which an unwanted person can get into your house is the garage. The program gets more serious if this individual possesses the remote that can open your garage any minute. But relax as there is a way out - you can simply reprogram your garage door opener remote. For this you need to call a specialist and waste your precious minutes but do it on your own. You will find out that it is very easy and fast.

Anyone can reprogram a garage door opener, no matter what type it is - a chain drive, a belt drive, a screw drive, or any other - all of them are programmed in the same way. So, what you will need to do this procedure includes: a helper, a step ladder, and your garage door opener remote. Then you need to simply follow the next five steps.

1) First of all, delete all the currently used codes. For this, climb your step ladder you have previously located under your garage door in such a way to be able to reach the motor console. Find button "learn" (it keeps all the information of your remote control). As a rule, this button has a square shape (seldom round) and can be found on the rear of the motor console (seldom on the side). In any case, you will easily find this button as this is the place where all wires run into the motor.

2) Press button "learn" and hold it down for about ten seconds until the LED (light emitting diode) is switched off. This procedure will erase the old code you have used on your remote to open the garage door.

3) Decide on the numbers for your new code. Try to avoid choosing anniversaries, birthdays, or any other numbers the unwanted person may be aware of. You may use any other important date the only person knows of is you.

4) Press button "learn" on the main motor console again until the sound “click” is heard and the light flashes. From this very moment you have thirty seconds to enter the numbers of your new code.

5) The procedure can be repeated with all remotes you have, as well as with the keyless entry pad. The garage door opener can be used with up to five remotes.

Now you know how to reprogram a garage door opener remote and in this way you're going to avoid many problems. From this very moment it's recommended to keep your remote control with you constantly. In case if you lose your remote control of it gets broken you'll have to buy a new one and program it again with the help of the upper five steps. Don't allow unwanted people enter your home!